Welcome to HZ Tours Inc.

Welcome to HZ Tours!

HZ Tours is a tour company established in May, 2017. HZ Tours concentrate on the high-class consumer groups, providing services of luxuriously customized travel plans for different people with different needs. We also devote ourselves to provide tourist information about travel routes in Canada and travel plans for package tours.

Don't want to stay at home on long weekends any more?

HZ Tours’s tailor-made PEI  three-day  tour  features Anne Cottage, Cavendish Beach,  lobster dinner, leisure coast golf.  three days and two nights, a long weekend time for all PEI ‘s best attractions!

Tour Highlights


Listen to pastoral stories  from nineteenth-century under the eaves of Anne of Green Gables


Enjoy the unique Lobster Dinner on Prince Edward Island


Spend some time at PEI’s best golf course to have a little chat and play a little game with friends~

Tasting lobster, watching whales, traveling skyline

Speaking of the Atlantic Ocean, people must have remembered the unforgettable love between Jack and Rose on the unsinkable cruise ship. But out of sadness, there are many more stories in the Atlantic: Lobster Sculptures, Fundy National Park, Hopewell, Piggy’s Cove, Lunenburg, Cape Breton, Skyline trails, all waiting for you.

HZ Tours NS & NB Luxury 5 Day Tour takes you to Listen  to the different stories of the Atlantic!

Tour Highlights


Feel the highest and lowest tides in the world at Fundy Bay


Leave your most beautiful smiles at Peggy’s Cove


Enjoy Cabot Trail and Skyline Frails at Cape Breton

Do you know that there is a world of martial arts in wong kar-wai's eyes hidden in the Rocky Mountain ?

Director Wong Kar-wei spent a decade on creating his martial arts movie “The Grand Master”. Eight Diagrams Palm, Xing Yi Quan, Wing Chun and Eight Extremes Quan,it is the world of martial arts in his heart. But do you know that there is also a hidden martial arts world in the Rocky Mountain?

“The lakes in Banff National Park are as clear as crystals, the Ice field in Jasper is as spectacular as fairyland,” isn’t this a martial arts world in the Canadian landscape ?

The unmatched scenery of the Rocky Mountain is indeed a must in Canada’s landscape!

Tour Highlights


Lake Louise, Maune Lake, Maligne Lake, endless beautiful scenery about Banff lakes


Take the snow coach to enjoy the wild beauty in Jasper’s ice field


Upgrade to Fairmont Château Lake Louise, you will find that there is just a window between you and the amazing Lake Louise 

Only beauty and wine are not deniable when fall comes

The Chinese poet wrote “Stopping in my sedan chair in the evening, I sit admiring the maple grove; The frost-covered leaves are redder than the flowers of spring” to praise the beauty of autumn.If we do not appreciate fall colors in Fall, we will feel regret in winter.

Do you want to fully enjoy the beauty of Cape Breton?

HZ Tours 4 day Maple tour , let us enjoy the fall colors like what Dumu did in  millennium ago on the other side of the world.

Tour Highlights


Stay in the German style town to enjoy the moment “the maple leaves are turning red, grass are gradually becoming yellow, and we go fishing and get drunk in the boat” 


Driving through “the world’s most beautiful motorcycle road to feel the leisure of the whole mountain with fall colors


Having delicious foods While traveling!

Enjoy a wide variety of cuisines in Halifax, the largest food court in the Atlantic!

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